Cold Shadows

Sharn Regal, Part Two
The Night of 20 Bluffs

Quickly thinking, Gern tells the dwarven guard in the lockroom he simply got wrapped up in his treasures and will leave without issue. The guard then is knocked out from a mighty hit from Mehitabel’s hammer, but this leaves his friends outside who are waiting for him. A tense moment arrives when the guards question the knocked-out guard, prompting Rook to attempt to growl out an excuse. Fortunately it works, and the dwarves move on without their friend.

Gern makes his way back into the bank, and the party gets stuck in a strange illusory hallway loop, but eventually make their way out—but only because of Gern, who meets another dwarven patrol group while exploring. Stammering, he takes the form of the dwarf the team knocked out, but as a changeling, his clothing doesn’t change with him, forcing him to be as distracting as possible, which he does by slurring half-known dwarven words as though drunk. Given the foulest-tasting potion imaginable to sober him up, he ‘returns to work’ by joining his friends, and they enter the vault.

Inside, Kierg d’Kundarak, Rivo’s cousin, awaits. After a swift battle, the team proves victorious, and they steal items from the vault, including Kierg’s own helmet, then make their escape. Rivo’s elation is intense, and after cutting the bet money sixty-forty (with the team receving the forty, then needing to split it amongst themselves…), the team elects to return a portrait of Rivo’s uncle back to him, which was supposed to be part of their loot. This earns his gratitude as well as a special reward, with Rook being given special adamantum that his blades can be reworked with, with help from Mehitabel and Skylaire.

Memorable Moments

  • Rook rolling a 20 on Bluff to convince the dwarven guards he was their friend (though a wall) and that that wall was the only thing keeping them from the stench of the sausages he ate.
  • Gern rolling a 20 to convince dwarf patrols he was drunk, and spoke dwarven, neither of which were true.
First Heist: Sharn Regal
Rivo Bets It All

House Kundarak never hires outside of their own people to test bank security, but Rivo is technically a member of the House, after all. So when he implies that perhaps the usual bank security testers, the Ghorad’din, are too predictable, it’s suddenly okay for the Safecrackers to test one of House Kundarak’s banks. Of course, it’s only because Rivo made a bet with his cousin who is in the Ghorad’din… and they took over the bank guarding duties for the day…

The first session saw the team casing the joint. Sharn Regal was designed to be impenetrable, and it truly was. A magically reinforced cement box floating in Skyway, it had only one entrance or exit, which was for the patrons. Everything else was handled via teleportation. It proved a tough challenge for the team, but in the end, it came down to Gern’s disguise mastery and fast talking…

That is, until they were confronted by an armed patrol in a safety deposit lockroom, with everyone except Gern hidden by Rook’s shadowy ritual.

Memorable Moments

  • Myka being (almost) sold to an elven man with strange fetishes, just so Gern could get a look at the lockrooms.

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