Cold Shadows

First Heist: Sharn Regal

Rivo Bets It All

House Kundarak never hires outside of their own people to test bank security, but Rivo is technically a member of the House, after all. So when he implies that perhaps the usual bank security testers, the Ghorad’din, are too predictable, it’s suddenly okay for the Safecrackers to test one of House Kundarak’s banks. Of course, it’s only because Rivo made a bet with his cousin who is in the Ghorad’din… and they took over the bank guarding duties for the day…

The first session saw the team casing the joint. Sharn Regal was designed to be impenetrable, and it truly was. A magically reinforced cement box floating in Skyway, it had only one entrance or exit, which was for the patrons. Everything else was handled via teleportation. It proved a tough challenge for the team, but in the end, it came down to Gern’s disguise mastery and fast talking…

That is, until they were confronted by an armed patrol in a safety deposit lockroom, with everyone except Gern hidden by Rook’s shadowy ritual.

Memorable Moments

  • Myka being (almost) sold to an elven man with strange fetishes, just so Gern could get a look at the lockrooms.



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