Customization is a houseruled system of rewards in Cold Shadows. Under this system, at specific times (when the GM says so), materials will be produced which can be used by Skylaire or Mehitabel in order to make modifications to weapons, implements, and armors. What these materials are is largely up to roleplay, but it harkens back to 3E when you could make a staff out of elfwood or a sword from adamantine. These modifications are different from enchantments because modify the base stats of the item so modified, and said item can still be enchanted.

  • First off, everyone will at some point get at least one customization.
  • Second, each item can only be modified once, and only once.
  • Third, sometimes items can count as a ‘pair’. For instance, because dual wielding is intrinsic to Rook’s build, a customization could be applied to both of his bastard swords, or he can apply a customization to one weapon and hope he gets another to do a different customization later on. If he does both at once, he can only apply one customization.

So, what can you customize about your items? A list is provided below, but in some cases Prinny may impose limits. This is very much a case-by-case thing.


  • Add +1 to a weapon’s proficiency bonus
  • Step damage die up by one (1d4 → 1d6 → 1d8 → 1d10 → 1d12 → 2d6 → 2d8)
  • Add Brutal 1 to a weapon with two damage die (2d4 or 2d6) or brutal 2 to a single die
  • Increase existing Brutal rating by 1
  • Add High Crit
  • Add Defensive


  • Add +1 to the total AC provided by the armor
  • Remove the speed penalty from an armor
  • Remove the skill check penalty from the armor
  • Add the Tough trait (turns first critical hit scored against your AC into a normal hit per encounter)
  • Add the Durable 3 trait (reduce the damage of the first hit against you in an encounter by the Durable number, plus your armor’s enhancement bonus, or double the bonus if heavy armor)
  • Add one of the following, based on the type of armor:
    • Cloth: +1 Will
    • Leather: +1 Reflex
    • Hide: 1 Fortitude
    • Chain: +1 Will
    • Scale: +1 Fortitude
    • Plate: Resist 2 all
      • (These increase to +2 at level 21, or resist 5 all for plate at level 21)


  • Add any of the following superior implement traits to your implement, regardless of whether it’s already a superior implement or not
    • Accurate (+1 to all attacks with implement)
    • Deadly (+1/2/3 untyped bonus to damage)
    • Empowered Crit (+1/2/3d10 extra crit damage)
    • Energized (any) (+2/3/4 untyped bonus when using a specific energy type, like thunder)
    • Forceful (+1 forced movement distance)
    • Shielding (Whenever you hit 1 target through implement, gain AC: 1 shield; REF: 1 shield until end next)


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