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Cold Shadows is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game, run primarily online through the use of Fantasy Grounds and voice chatting. It runs weekly on Sunday, with a time to be determined.

The campaign is set in the Eberron world, just four years after the end of the Last War. With tensions still running high and each nation conducting a campaign of espionage against the others, peace is certain not to last. But until then, Rivo d’Kundarak is making all the profit he can. See, people lose things all the time, but there’s nothing like a hundred year war to make people prioritize what means more, their stuff or their lives. Now that the war is over, at least for now, Rivo knows there’s plenty of people who will want the stuff they left behind back, and would be willing to pay for it.

While much of Rivo Salvage is legitimate, contracting teams of workers to dredge rivers, dig things up or excavate ruins and the like, Rivo knows that the stuff people want back the most is usually the stuff other people took. So, while they’re on the books as a team of safecrackers, a group Rivo has hired to test the security of his dear House Kundarak’s bank vaults, the safecrackers actually are hired out, discreetly, to get back the priceless stuff. No matter what it might take to do it.

Whether it’s delving into the ruins of the giants on Xen’drik, stealing from an Aundairan nobleman, or having to board a lightning rail via airship, the safecrackers do it all. For a price.

Every Sunday at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

Home Page

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